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Our products are developed in the modern, object-oriented programming language JAVA in order to guarantee the highest amount of security and flexibility.

Our applications mainly consist of interfaces (e.g., for regulatory reporting) and add-ons (like SCDDiff) in the context of SimCorp Dimension.


Transferring funds from other investment management systems into SimCorp Dimension is a complex and error-prone task that usually has to be completed under massive time pressure.

SCDFuT provides the client with a flexible and highly automated process to independently achieve this goal in an efficient and reliable way.

At the core of SCDDiff is functionality for the reconciliation of the configurations of two SimCorp Dimension (SCD) instances, say release-to-release or test-to-production. This is complemented by functionality which supports monitoring of a single instance of SimCorp Dimension over time. By using these tools a clear picture of configuration changes may be seen, reducing risk that unintended changes go undetected.